VIP Program


We Can Save You Time And Make Refilling Your Medications Simple!

Our VIP Program  is our proven medication synchronization system, which is designed to make managing your medications simple and hassle-free. 

With our VIP Program, your prescription refills will be synchronized and refilled at the same time every month, creating fewer visits to the pharmacy and fewer deliveries to your home. 

Once we set you up on this free program, you will finish your medicines at the same time each month!


Added Benefits

Your pharmacist will review your prescription list each month and monitor changes after your doctor or hospital visits. 

A few days before getting your prescription refilled, you will receive a courtesy call from our pharmacy to confirm which medications are needed. 

VIP Program Guarantee:

1. No need to call the pharmacy or doctor for prescription refills. All refill requests will be handled by our pharmacy staff.

2. No worries about running out of medicine. 

3. Less trips to the pharmacy means more time to do the things you enjoy!