5 Minute Pharmacy's passion is to help people have better lives through F.A.I.T.H.

F.A.I.T.H stands for our 5 Core Values - Family, Attitude, Integrity, Teamwork and Humility. 

Family: A workplace family that cares for your family - a place of belonging, loyalty and passion.

Attitude: A positive attitude is equally as important as your abilities. 

Integrity: Do the right thing, even when no one is watching - Integrity is everything. 

Teamwork: Teamwork makes the DREAM work.

Humility: Don't think less of yourself, think of yourself less. 

Through our relationships, we provide convenience at every level and do what the big guys can't. 


PMAH Fundraiser 2019

We donate time and money as a team and as individuals. Every one of us has seen the impact of what a little kindness can do. 


AIDS Walk 2019

We proudly partner with Hawaiʻi Health & Harm Reduction Center ro raise awareness and support their fight against HIV/AIDS in Hawaiʻi and the Pacific. 

We believe that when you share your time and talents with the community, everyone benefits.   

Philippines International Medical mission (PIMM) 2020


5 Minute Pharmacy partnered with Aloha International Missions (AIM) to help serve on a Medical Mission this past January. 5MP Employees Emi Kawamura, Denise Reyes and Derek Tengan, along with his daughter, Tobi Tengan, participated in this 2-week mission trip in Talaan, Philippines. 


The purpose of this mission trip was to provide medical care to high school and elementary aged children in Quezon Province while sharing the love of God. The PIMM team consisted of physicians, pharmacists, pastors, and amazing volunteers who strongly desire to serve!

The PIMM team partnered with a local Philippines ministry, 3G-HMI, to minister and serve 4 different schools as well as several neighboring churches. The PIMM team served and ministered to over 2,500 keiki!


 Derek, Emi and Tobi were a part of the pharmacy team that provided multivitamins and many other medicinal needs that are difficult to access in the provinces. 

Denise was a part of the ministry groups that were able to enter the classrooms to share about critical subjects - identity, alcohol and drug abuse, relationships, sex and human trafficking, while using personal testimonies to usher in hope, love and truth.

2020 - Year of Gratitude

Camp Agape 2019


  Every Labor Day weekend, about 150 “Angels”—children of incarcerated parents—attend Camp Agape, sponsored by the Camp Agape Hawaii. 

The camp first started in 2005 and stems from a mission to share God’s love with children whose parents are in prison. “Agape” love is always the theme at the camp, as volunteers and junior mentors strive to demonstrate the love of Christ to the camp attendees    



 Every year, 5 Minute Pharmacy serves at Camp Agape event during Labor Day weekend.  

 Family is our first and most important core value. 5 Minute Pharmacy is committed to supporting families in our community.  Our goal is to help play a part to break this cycle for these young Hawaii kids.    


  Camp Agape is an annual, four-day event filled with intentional series of activities and events that facilitate sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through love, trust, forgiveness and hope.   


Pet Walk Paʻina


5 Minute Pharmacy enjoys to support our local organizations , such as Hawaiian Humane Society, and their efforts to care for animals.